Staff List (September 2021)

S. No. Name Designation Highest
 Qualification (Academic)
Highest Qualification (Professional) Subjects Taught
1 Smt. Lata Rana Principal M.Com. M.Ed. Business Studies
2 Mr. Himanshu Chauhan PGT- Chemistry M.Sc. B.Ed. Chemistry
3 Mrs. Suman Kumari PGT- Business Studies M.Com. M.Ed. Accounancy
4 Mr.Manish PGT- Accountancy M.COM B.Ed. Accounancy
5 Ms. Manisha Dahiya PGT- Maths M.Sc. B.Ed. Mathematics
6 Ms. Aakanksha Dhami PGT Comp. Science B-Tech B-Tech Computer Science
7 Ms. Neelam Rampal PGT English M.A B.Ed. English
8 Ms. Meenakshi Gupta PGT Economics M.A B.Ed. Economics
9 Mr. Manoj PGT Physical Ed. B.A M.P.Ed. Physical Education
10 Ms. Rekha PGT Physics M.SC B.Ed. Physics
11 Ms. Tanuja Punj PGT Hindi M.A B.Ed. Hindi
12 Ms. Tanu Malhotra PGT Mathematics M.Sc. B.Ed. Mathematics
13 Ms. Kajal Sharma PGT Geography M.A B.Ed. Geography
14 Ms. Umang Goswami PGT-Political Science M.A. B.Ed. Political Science
15 Ms. Jyoti Pandey PGT- Biology M.Sc. B.Ed. Biology
16 Mrs. Sunita Negi TGT- Hindi M.A B.Ed. Hindi
17 Mrs. Gurpreet Chadha TGT- Science B.Sc B.Ed. Science
18 Mr.Neeraj Gangwar TGT Mathematics B.Sc B.Ed Mathematics
19 Mrs. Chhavi Singh TGT- Computer Science MCA / BCA B.Ed Computer Science
20 Mrs. Sadhna Srivastava TGT- Hindi M.A. B.Ed Hindi
21 Ms. Annu Raj TGT- English M.A B.Ed English
22 Ms. Shilpa Suman TGT S.Sc. B.A B. Ed. Social Science
23 Ms. Monika Gupta TGT Maths M. Sc. B.Ed,  Mathematics
24 Ms. Smita Srivastava TGT English B. A. B.Ed,  English
25 Ms. Swati Pandey TGT Science B.Sc. B. Ed. Science
26 Ms. Rita Kumari TGT Mathematics B.Sc. B. Ed. Mathematics
27 Mrs. Meera Dhawan PRT M.A B.Ed. General
28 Mr. Gurwender Singh PRT M.Com B.Ed. General
29 Mr. Ved Varat Pal PRT M.A B.Ed Sanskrit
30 Mrs. Shalini Tandon PRT B.A B.Ed. General
31 Mrs. Sapna Thakur PRT B.A B.Ed. General
32 Ms. Shafali Rajput PRT M.A/B.Sc B.Ed. General
33 Ms. Apexa Baunthiyal PRT B.Sc B.Ed General
34 Ms. Anjulata Nishad PRT M.Sc B.Ed General
35 Mrs. Deepti Singh PRT B.Sc. B.Ed. General
36 Ms. Garima Gupta PRT B.Sc. B. Ed General
37 Ms. Sakshi Sharma PRT M. Sc. B. Ed. General
38 Ms. Manvi Sharma PRT M.Com B. Ed. General
39 Ms. Pooja Thakur Counselor M.A. M.A. Counsellor
40 Ms. Saba PRT B.F.A B.F.A Art & Craft
41 Mr. Kailash Singh Deo PET B.P. Ed. B.P. Ed. Physical Education
42 Ms. Neetu Chaudhary PRT Music Ph. D. Ph. D. Music
43 Ms. Neeru Sharma PRT M.Sc. B.Ed General
44 Ms. Alka Yadav Librarian MLIS MLIS Librarian

Teaching Staff Details

S.No. Information Details
1 Principal 1
2 Total No. of Teachers 43
PGT 14
TGT 11
PRT 14
Others 4
3 Teacher Section Ratio 1:1.8
4 Details of Counsellor and Wellness Teacher Ms.Pooja Thakur

STUDENT'S CODE OF CONDUCT AND DISCIPLINE POLICY "School discipline is the system of rules, punishments, and behavioral strategies appropriate to the regulation of children or adolescents and the maintenance of order in schools. Its aim is to control the students' actions and behavior"