Annual Report 2020-21

“Change is the end result of true learning.”LeoBuscadia

It’s truly a matter of immense pleasure and great honour to present the annual report of our prestigious institution NILGIRI HILLS PUBLIC SCHOOL,NOIDA, situated amidst extremely exhilarating and refreshing surroundings with a total strength of nearly 1000 students from Nursery to XII class.Although, the year 2020 was unexpectedly, a testing year for everyone, due to worldwide pandemic COVID-19,it introduced uncertainty into the major aspects of national as well global platforms especially for schools. Yet, NHPS kept striving to achieve its desired goals. Technology played a significant role to help in the Teaching-learning process during School closures.

ACADEMICS:This is a hard fact thatEXCELLENCE in academics is the hallmark of a good institution. In that case, Nilgiri is heading towards the higher levels of accomplishments in a very commendable manner. The overall percentage of our batches of X & XII (Session 2019-20) is as follows:CLASS X- 100%&Class XII- 97.8% Besides excellence in academics, co-curricular activities have an important role to play in the holistic development of students. Nilgiri rhapsodically believes in this aspect of education. Eventually, multiple kinds of virtual activities were organised throughout the year even in Lockdown situation to help the youngsters to get engrossed themselves in various activities and showcase their hidden talent. Some such activities are mentioned below- COVID AWARENESS CLASSES

Stayinghome from school doesn’t have to completely disrupt the learning process.

Nilgiri Hills Public School team rounded up some of the best educational online activities to keep students of all ages engaged in learning while they were away from the classroom. While the pandemic had set in, our students were made aware about the ongoing challenges faced by our frontline workers in health, sanitation and security systems.

Right from the beginning, we equipped children with the knowledge of the virus, its spread and preventive measure. We made sure it is easy for our tiny tots too, to understand the protection measures they must take up to keep themselves safe and healthy.


Stories teach us about life, about ourselves and about others. Storytelling is a unique way for students to develop an understanding, respect and appreciation for other cultures, and can promote a positive attitude to people from different lands. Through online story-telling sessions, our students visited the lands of their imagination and their flight of imagination provided them with the wings of compassion, gratitude and empathy.


Value based education can shape their future and add purpose to their life. It helps them learn to live the right way of life. The school has given due importance and priority for inculcating these desirable values among children. While in lockdown, our students learnt to spend quality time with family through a variety of activities based on moral values, ethics, gratitude, optimism and compassion towards themselves and the environment. These activities were meant for the sole purpose of building a strong character. We believed that this is a gestation period of children’s values during lockdown period with family members.


To reinvent the education system and give students a break from traditional classroom learning, we revived the quiz culture in our school. Technology acted as a facilitator by bringing innovation to quizzes and ensuring active participation among students. Besides the obvious academic benefits of expanding a student's knowledge and exploring new skills at an early age, quizzes redefined students’ curiosity.

We desire to transform learning for our students and in order to build their knowledge level, we held the contest for Mathematics, English, Computer, Science and General Knowledge. We wished that no hurdle must come between teaching and learning process, especially the curiosity level of the Nilgirians. NTHC indeed proved to be a powerful knowledge tool for our young ignited minds.

Right from the beginning, we equipped children with the knowledge of the virus, its spread and preventive measure. We made sure it is easy for our tiny tots too, to understand the protection measures they must take up to keep themselves safe and healthy.


Smart classrooms are electronically enhanced classrooms that create new opportunities in teaching and learning by integrating computer, multimedia and network technology.

We at Nilgiri Hills Public School believe that the pandemic must not hinder education in any way and what could have been a better way to incorporate learning through highly technological concept of smart classes, where presentation of content is optimal and interactive. Students were provided with a convenient access of learning resources. It may be summarized as Showing, Manageable, Accessible, Real-time Interactive and Testing, which nicknames “SMART”. The five dimensions just embody the wisdom of a smart classroom feature, which can be referred to as “SMART” concept model and we at Nilgiri take pride in providing quality and resourceful method of learning for our students.


The language laboratory is attention enthralling for the students, where they are engaged with different modules of English audios and videos for a crystal clear clarity and understanding of the language. We firmly believe that students must communicate in English language and the lab provides that platform to the young flourishing minds.

By using text, audio and video we can easily integrate English language in everyday situations. Learning occurs in a structured way, in a real context and visually attractive way that immerses the student in the language learning environment and promotes language use.


An Article writing competition on the topic ‘COVID-19 &The World’ was held in May 2020 for the classes XI and XII. The budding minds’ awareness level was enhanced as it gave them the platform to express their viewpoints about the ongoing pandemic situation in the world. The lockdown had just set in and hence, students’ awareness about the new virus needed to be expanded.

It is rightly said that “language is the mirror of society” and it was rightly proved when the students poured their thoughts about COVID-19. It provided a glimpse into the spread of the virus, its hazards and preventive measures.

Ojasvi (XII A); Manish (XII C) and Dhruv (XI A), appeared as winners of this competition.

This year our school has ensured that the fervor of patriotism lives on and we celebrated this memorable day in the Indian history, online. The students sang and performed in the confines of their homes and remembered the valor and courage of our great leaders.


To honor our teachers for their priceless job, Teacher’s Day was celebrated on the 5th of September during the virtual classes at Nilgiri Hills Public School, Noida, wherein students enthusiastically prepared greeting cards for teachers and they were pleasantly surprised and mesmerized with the students’ efforts. Students’ efforts proved that even during the COVID era, a teacher was not a candle that consumed itself to enlighten her students but brightened up their lives by pulling them out from the darkness of ignorance and taking them to the light of knowledge.


Online Art Competitions are an important way to motivate young artists and help them to develop their creative skills. Not only does it allow them to pour their emotions through color, it also provides them with the ease to enter the online class platform and compete. For this reason, we at Nilgiri Hills Public School held an online art competition on the topics: ‘My ‘Fight against COVID-19’,’Prevention of COVID-19’, ‘My world during lockdown’ and ‘The world before and after COVID’.

This competition opened their hearts and minds to the possibilities and fueled their imagination.

It was more than a process of learning about the current world scenario and offered them the platform to create an experience of the world in new ways.


Science is all about learning through trial and error, experimenting and practising! We are helping our students to develop the understandings, skills and attributes that they need to understand the world around them. Students engaged in a plethora of online Science experiments and learnt new Science tricks at the comfort of their homes.


Children’s roots are strengthened and nurtured from the very beginning and their fertile minds need the right values that must be imbibed to let them blossom into beautiful adults. We at Nilgiri firmly believe in the motto “AtmaDeepoBhava’ and to inculcate its essence we conducted online value education classes to carve the young minds towards the right direction.


On the occasion of Christmas, the school organized various activities for students of classes Nursery to VIII.

The celebration commenced with the online Christmas Carols meeting. The students watched a short film based on the birth, life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Tiny tots from Nursery to Class V decorated the Christmas tree at home. Pupils of the Primary wing decorated the tree with bells, stockings, candles and gifts in a creative fashion.

They also participated in online Santa craft activities where they used their nimble fingers and brilliant imaginative skills. The students showed their enthusiasm by participating in online Christmas Fire-free cooking where they prepared sumptuous Christmas goodies; and also in Christmas Quiz where they learnt many things about the origin of this festival. The staff applauded the students for their efforts and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.


The pandemic has confined the students to their homes, but it cannot dampen their patriotic spirit and pride for the nation. In the times of virtual learning, we re-modeled the Republic Day rituals to keep the fervor of this important day alive in students. The tiny tots of our school celebrated the spirit of Republic Day by performing online dances on patriotic songs and they sang with utmost pride.


Peer to peer learning sessions were organized in the month of December keeping the COVID protocol in mind. The faculty members teaching their fellow faculty members certain skills and passing on knowledge pertaining to specific domains helped them share their common experiences in teaching.

When coworkers teach and learn from each other, they build more of a bond. It allows them to build strong connections with each other based on the collective sharing of knowledge.

It encouraged social learning and interaction and provided a great opportunity to the employees to learning something new.

Our Hindi and English departments set out on the voyage of enhancing language skills of teachers. In Hindi, topics such as Hindi alphabets and recent change in usage of Hindi words according to CBSE regulations were discussed. In English, topics such as Effective communication skills, Correct usage of tenses, Usage of Homonyms & Homophones, Usage of proverbs and common spelling errors were discussed.

These sessions also targeted to enhance teaching methodology as our respected faculty members conducted sessions on ‘Maxims of Teaching & What makes a good teacher great?’. These sessions not only allowed the faculty members to learn from each other, but also provided them with the platform to build mastery in their respective fields.

It is rightly said that ‘Teaching peers is one of the best ways to develop mastery’ and these sessions proved it right.

These sessions were not only restricted to languages. ‘Vedic Mathematics’ session helped the faculty members learn about the art and science of Mathematics usage in daily life. ‘The Art of Map Reading’ session enhanced the knowledge of teachers about the political and geographical locations of the Indian subcontinent. During the COVID era, physical and mental fitness is much needed and hence, our faculty members also held workshops on various topics such as ‘How failure can lead to success’, ‘Importance of being fit’ and ‘Ways to Find Happiness’. These workshops proved to be a ray of sunshine amidst the stormy days of COVID. They imbibed a sense of hope and positivity towards work and created a healthy and positive work environment.


It is one of the significant child centered approach which encourages the children to participate, engage and to have a hands-on experience to improve their learning. It not only improves the cognitive and psychomotor skills of the children but it also helps in better retention of the topics learnt through the activities. It also boosts their confidence, competence and teamwork.

We at Nilgiri Hills Public School always emphasize on activity-based learning in all subjects. In Mathematics, our children have learnt to understand the concepts like area and perimeter by twinning thread, graph paper and finding out the factors through Ludo or carom tokens and even peanuts. Learning angles through bike spokes or hands of clock or edges of table or even a sandwich slice and recalling decimals from the items bought from a supermarket.

Learning factors from a pizza or a paper plate or the books arranged in a bookshelf; learning solid shapes and their nets by actually making cube, cuboid, cone, cylinder and tetrahedron with origami sheets is a creative way to understand these concepts. Our children thoroughly enjoyed these activities as learning became fun and fun infused learning through these activities carried out in their classes.


We at Nilgiri Hills Public School engaged our little ones with easy kindergarten activities.

These activities for kindergarteners held their attention and satisfied their curiosity. To infuse joy and merriment to the Christmas festivities a bag full of Santa activities were organized.

The magic of Christmas was palpable, when children created Santa's Wonderland with their masterpieces during the Draw and Colour competition.

Last but not the least, it is true that all the progressive and praiseworthy work has been possible only because of the massive cooperation of everyone associated with Nilgiri School. Our sincere thanks go to students, faculty Members and Management. We would like to extend our special thanks to all the parents,who were always there to follow us religiously. To conclude, we can only say that we are committed to produce super useful, confident, efficient and self-sufficient students, who carry out the values of love, compassion, empathy,truthfulness and sacrifice everywhere.Thanks

STUDENT'S CODE OF CONDUCT AND DISCIPLINE POLICY "School discipline is the system of rules, punishments, and behavioral strategies appropriate to the regulation of children or adolescents and the maintenance of order in schools. Its aim is to control the students' actions and behavior"